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Kitty$ ~UPD~

Say hello to the Hello Kitty Collection you've been waiting for. Hello Kitty fanatics, meet the Hot Topic Hello Kitty Selection, an adorable, overflowing online warehouse filled with the carefully curated kitty goods you can't get enough of.


Some programs, like Powerline, vim with fancy gutter symbols/status-bar, etc.use Unicode characters from the private use area to represent symbols. Oftenthese symbols are wide and should be rendered in two cells. However, sinceprivate use area symbols all have their width set to one in the Unicodestandard, kitty renders them either smaller or truncated. The exception is ifthese characters are followed by a space or empty cell in which case kittymakes use of the extra cell to render them in two cells. This behavior can beturned off for specific symbols using narrow_symbols.

Thankfully, probably as a consequence of this lack of detection, vim allows users toconfigure these low level details. So, to make vim work well with any modernterminal, including kitty, add the following to your /.vimrc.

These issues all have the same root cause: the kitty terminfo files not beingavailable. The most common way this happens is SSHing into a computer that doesnot have the kitty terminfo files. The simplest fix for that is running:

The next most common reason for this is if you are running commands as rootusing sudo or su. These programs often filter theTERMINFO environment variable which is what points to the kittyterminfo files.

If you are using a well maintained Linux distribution, it will have akitty-terminfo package that you can simply install to make the kittyterminfo files available system-wide. Then the problem will no longer occur.

Press the key combination X. If the kitten reports the key pressthat means kitty is correctly sending the key press to terminal programs.You need to report the issue to the developer of the terminal program. Mostlikely they have not added support for Comprehensive keyboard handling in terminals.

Apple does not want you to use command line options with GUI applications. Toworkaround that limitation, kitty will read command line options from the file/macos-launch-services-cmdline when it is launchedfrom the GUI, i.e. by clicking the kitty application icon or usingopen -a kitty. Note that this file is only read when running via the GUI.

kitty achieves its stellar performance by caching alpha masks of each renderedcharacter on the GPU, and rendering them all in parallel. This means it is astrictly character cell based display. As such it can use only monospace fonts,since every cell in the grid has to be the same size. Furthermore, it needsfonts to be freely resizable, so it does not support bitmapped fonts.

Then press the key you want to emulate. Note that this kitten will only showkeys that actually reach the terminal program, in particular, keys mapped toactions in kitty will not be shown. To check those first map them tono_op. You can also start a kitty instance without any shortcuts tointerfere:

First, terminal multiplexers are a bad idea,do not use them, if at all possible. kitty contains features that do all of whattmux does, but better, with the exception of remote persistence (#391).If you still want to use tmux, read on.

Now open lots of tabs/windows, generate lots of output using tools like find/yesetc. Then close all but one window. Do some random work for a few seconds inthat window, maybe run yes or find again. Then quit kitty and run:

If you can match the first few ingredients on the label to the old food, it might be close enough for your cat to accept with minimal questioning and inspection. So if your kitty is used to a formula with tuna, salmon, and shrimp, look for another brand or formula that has these three as their major ingredients.

These kitties tend to be better matches for homes with no young children, since children do not have the patience required to bring them out of their shell, and may scare them with loud noises and sudden movements. Older children, over the age of five, are usually fine if counseled as to appropriate ways of handling the new member of the family. The household should be a relatively quiet one in terms of noise and movement though. Too much foot traffic would be overwhelming for a scared kitty. 041b061a72


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