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Free Download Game Fieldrunners 2 For Pc

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Free Download Game Fieldrunners 2 For Pc

Fieldrunners 2: A Tower Defense Game with a Twist

If you are looking for a fun and challenging tower defense game, you might want to check out Fieldrunners 2. This game is the sequel to the award-winning Fieldrunners, and it features more levels, more weapons, more enemies, and more ways to play. You can download Fieldrunners 2 for free on your PC using NoxPlayer, an Android emulator that lets you run mobile apps on your computer.

Fieldrunners 2 is a game where you have to defend your base from waves of invaders using various towers and traps. You can choose from four different game modes: Classic, Sudden Death, Puzzle, and Time Trial. Each mode has its own challenges and objectives, and you can also customize the difficulty level to suit your preference. You can also unlock new towers and items as you progress through the game, such as a tower that turns enemies into barnyard animals.

Fieldrunners 2 has a colorful and cartoonish graphics style that makes the game enjoyable to look at. The sound effects and music are also well-done and add to the atmosphere of the game. The gameplay is smooth and responsive, and you can easily control the game using your mouse or keyboard. The game also has a lot of replay value, as you can try different strategies and combinations of towers and traps on each level.

Fieldrunners 2 is a game that will appeal to fans of tower defense games, as well as anyone who likes a good challenge. The game has a lot of variety and content, and it will keep you entertained for hours. You can download Fieldrunners 2 for free on your PC using NoxPlayer by following these steps:

Download & Install NoxPlayer at: The installation is easy to carry out.

Drag the APK/XAPK file to the NoxPlayer interface and drop it to install; The installation process will take place quickly.

After successful installation, you can find "Fieldrunners 2" on the home screen of NoxPlayer.

Click on the icon of the game and start playing.

Enjoy Fieldrunners 2 on your PC with NoxPlayer!Tips and Tricks to Master Fieldrunners 2

If you want to get the most out of Fieldrunners 2, you will need some tips and tricks to help you survive the onslaught of enemies. Here are some useful advice that will make you a better defender:

Plan your strategy before placing your towers. Think about the enemy types, the map layout, and the best spots to create choke points. You can also use the fast forward button to see how the enemies will move before they actually do.

Use a variety of towers to deal with different threats. For example, glue towers are great for slowing down fast units, rockets are effective against armored units and air units, and lasers are good for piercing through multiple enemies. Experiment with different combinations and see what works best for each level.

Upgrade your towers whenever you can. Upgraded towers have more range, damage, and special effects than their basic counterparts. You can upgrade a tower up to three times by tapping on it and pressing the upgrade button. Upgrading costs money, so make sure you have enough before doing so.

Earn more coins by playing different game modes and levels. Coins are used to buy new towers and items in the shop. You can earn coins by completing levels, achieving stars, and collecting coins that enemies drop. You can also replay levels to earn more coins and improve your score.

Use items wisely. Items are consumables that can give you an edge in battle. You can buy items in the shop using coins or real money. Some items include air strikes, mines, freeze rays, and rewinds. You can use an item by dragging it from the bottom left corner of the screen to where you want to use it.

Fieldrunners 2 is a challenging and addictive game that will test your skills and strategy. With these tips and tricks, you will be able to defend your base from the fieldrunners and enjoy the game even more. a474f39169


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