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Kamidori Alchemy Meister 100 Save File [BETTER]

The Discord( ) is a better place for answers on the inner depths of the game, but it'll probably be me answering them either way. The game's script files (.gd) are plain text and can be opened and edited(it reads them during runtime) with any decent text editor. The save files are JSON formatted and quite easy to work with using online JSON editors or text editors with an add-on.

kamidori alchemy meister 100 save file

Answer#1: You called the player's specialization a "starting spec", but only some of them provide a starting bonus and all of them provide bonuses throughout the game. Due to old design quirks, the player has their spec stored in 2 locations. Though this is more an oversight than a feature, so there will be no means of changing it mid-game. As such it is most likely possible for the player to benefit from both a player and slave spec by editing the save file, though the game will probably only report having one. I may clean that up for the next version, but there is no policing of gameplay so feel free to exploit it if you wish. Specs can be edited at any time, but you have to match expected values. Spelling and case matters, but you generally won't know you got it wrong (if you mess up the state spec then it can crash if not using the debug mod). It's just used as a simple string check, so if you have the right spec, then you get a bonus for the current action. See bottom for file with list of slave specs.

There is no need to fetch those effects from the save file, they are all listed in script files. Traits: ".../STRIVE_PROGRAM_FOLDER/scripts/"Specs: ".../STRIVE_PROGRAM_FOLDER/scripts/jobs&"Gear effects: ".../STRIVE_PROGRAM_FOLDER/scripts/"Enchantments: ".../STRIVE_PROGRAM_FOLDER/scripts/"Various spell, usable item, and tattoo effects: ".../STRIVE_PROGRAM_FOLDER/scripts/"

Thus let us roughly consider the steps to edit a save file to add a new trait, in this case "Pretty Voice", to a person. First, by adding "Pretty Voice" to the "traits" list the person gains the job bonus and the interface listing but nothing else. Second, by adding the appropriate effect for the trait to "effects" the person gains nothing, but if they were to lose that trait then they would lose 20 charm. Third, by increasing the person's charm by 20(or less if it would exceed their "charm_max" or the limit for their current "origins", which is called slave grade in-game) they finally have the complete trait.

If you are going to edit scripts, then I recommend using the Debug mod as that makes finding error messages a bit more reliable. There are supposed to be log files anyways, but some crashes skip creating a log. The caveat is that the Debug mod will attempt to keep going even if a lot of things break, which can corrupt saves if you ignore them and save your game.

You can edit the script files(.gd) to add a specific trait when you have a slave selected in game. You will need a decent text editor, most of the community uses either Notepad++ or Sublime Text 3 (the Godot editor can be used if the game is dropped into a blank project folder), and most likely the Debug mod. The editor will ensure that you can read the file and add newlines without crashing the game. The Debug mod will report any mistakes as errors rather than simply crashing the game. Though if you play through the errors then you may corrupt any saves made afterwards. If you mess up and are unsure how to recover simply replace the edited file with the original file from Strive's "backup" folder.

The save file is the one you create when you save your game, so the name and extension will depend on what you give it. The save files are located in the user data folder with with the default path ".../Strive/saves/", and can be accessed though the in-game button in the save/load menu found in the mansion. On Windows the path is "%appdata%/Strive/saves/".

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I have looked up answers to puzzles if I've spent more than 15 minutes or so trying to figure it out (or right away if I knew I saw the answer previously but wasn't going to backtrack for it like Fallout 4 and the password to get to the Railroad). I've never used any cheats or anything of that nature to get past a part (I'm more likely to just quit the game if I hit a roadblock like that). It's why I love Team ICO games and why Arkane Studios is my favorite dev right now. The following video pretty much exemplifies what good game design is all about and most games are made with the opposite approach where more elements, systems, and content is thrown in regardless if it enhances the core game. Getting new weapons/gear constantly only results in busywork, it doesn't make your game deeper or more complex. RPGs are so concerned with having all these systems that don't enhance the core game and only dilute it. It seems like game design has taken a huge nosedive with open world games and RPGs. If I have to swift through the shit to get to the good stuff, then I'm not going to play the game. Everything in a game should be fun and enjoyable. I'm all about quality above quantity, which with the open world fad there's fewer and fewer games for me to play. If a game is designed in such a way that it makes me want to skip content then that game, or at least that particular content, is shit. However if I did then I would happily cheat my arse off. I generally don't play games of the sort that would require those measures. Editing resources to progress inorder to just keep playing instead of being bogged down farming, Games that gave necessary grind points,boosting my exp gains so im ready to progress in 10 battles not 100. Editing the timed missions in DAI so i dont have to wait 24 hours for a mission to complete. So who here uses Trainers, save editors and the like sometimes purely to save time and not to give your self too much of an advantage, Examples of my own, editing a save file for FF8 so I don't have to spend the first 3 hours grinding low level magic.

Or as we age and have families and commitments we have less free time for the grind in some games. Im sure we have all been in that point in a game where we dont relish the idea of 10 hours of grinding to get upto the necessary level required to kill the final boss or unlock every tech tree. So adjusting lvls is not good but adjusting exp to be 99 everytime is nice way to get to lvl 99 fast with all stats and title changes from it then dont adjust stats above 100 as the games starts glitching and caps it at 200 if you have 100 max stats you can do over 200 for stats with equips but not if your stats are 200. Kamidori Impeding Darkness OST (battle theme). Kamidori Alchemy Meister - Giant's Mine - Duration. Ok i cant find where my save game file anywhere l ready check the path u suggest earlier dagger i wonder if it hidden on vista Should be under documents and settings in your primary drive (C: ).


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