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Terror Menu V4.4.rar


On second thought, not so perfect. The menu of dropping a persona when you have full stock and get one from shuffle time is not shown. It works, but you can't see it. Not a critical error, otherwise perfect, cleared from start till end+Episode Aegis.

Emu used=Jakv2. Fully playable with right config mentioned above plus --force-frame-blend=1 #fix for shaking menu ui and lua file for game-breaking bug for getting stuck in the room before Irene in Helraios. Updated configConfirmed getting stuck bug fixed. Works perfectly now

Filter levels can be selected from the in-game settings menu and will change which rules/notifications are enabled based on the FILTLVL/TIER codes used in the filter. By default, there are two levels: "Standard" and "Show All Items". The "Standard" level is the normal filter behavior that would be seen without any filter level changes, whereas "Show All Items" will just prevent any items from being filtered out (hidden).

Keybinder IncludedIncluded are SuperTeam Keybinder v1.4 for TO v3.4 and v1.5 for TO v3.5. These can be launched ingame from the main menu and is a tool that lets you bind various game commands to buttons of your choice. Very useful tool and a must have for every player. 59ce067264


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